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Acne Treatments and Facials

Acne can be reduced, controlled and cleared, start your journey to crystal clear skin!


Mens Skincare

You have specific needs and we provide you the solutions - minus frilly fragrances.


Hyperpigmentation and Ethnic Skin Care

Experienced to provide safe treatments, and provide solutions to all the skin tones of the globe.

Timeless Anti-Aging Treatments

Non-surgical, aesthetician tested alternatives for visibly firmer, toned, more youthful skin.

Skin care Spa | Crystal Clarity Skincare Tempe AZ

Crystal Clarity Skincare

Acne Treatments and Skin Care in Tempe

Customized treatments, because "Skin is not simply Skin"

Crystal Clarity Skincare provides specialized acne treatments and skin treatments with the purpose of “prevention, correction, rejuvenation and maintenance”.
Every skin care treatment, product and procedure is personalized – in every appointment you have.
Your skin may not be in the same exact condition it was at your last visit, therefore each appointment is customized no matter the service you select.

Your aesthetician is experienced in all skin shades and tones, ages and genders, each of which plays a role in how your skin should be treated and its behavior.
She is also experienced in a multitude of product lines, aesthetic techniques, formulations and chemical peel variations.
There is not one treatment available that she has not performed on herself, this aids her in giving you the knowledge of what to expect during and after an appointment.
As a professional problematic skin specialist she treats discoloration, acneic issues, rosacea, lines and wrinkles among other problems of the skin in every treatment, no matter the treatment – if there is an issue, she targets it and treats it to find solutions that bring visible, lasting results.

Please browse our website and contact us with any questions you may have - you may book online at any time HERE

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Board the Polar Express
Lush Cranberry and Icy Mint
• Limited Edition •

Winter Radiance Holiday Facials

Capture the brilliance of the season in 3 shimmering selections.
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Chemical Peel Deal

Brightening, Acne, Antiaging
Merry Marzipan Peel Deal
$ 59.00